If you would like to talk about commissioning a head or talk about what information I would require to make one please contact me via e-mail me at

Large heads commissions start from £400 each mini head commissions from £150.



Daisy Was commissioned as a surprise! The recipient had seen my work in an exhibition and wanted a head of his much beloved great Aunt Daisy. I used her birth certificate for her face and letters she wrote to build the blouse. Family photos were used to create her coat and colour supplement in the hair. I finally I added the glasses and a hand painted brooch at her neck. As I made her, her personality really came out and she ended up larger than expected, I was sad to see this patiently smiling lady go! 

With the simplest of materials, Louise captures the very essence of the person she is creating. He recognised her as soon as he opened the box!
— Joan Flood




After entering my Margaret Thatcher and Harold Wilson busts into the Appart Exhibition at Priors Field School I received secret communication from Gwyn Phillips, Director of Appart. He commissioned me to create a surprise head of his wife, Evelyn for their 25th Wedding anniversary. I used copies of their wedding certificate for her paper skin and and interiors magazines with apples printed on her clothing representing her passion for her interior design career and Appart. The Head was unveiled at the 2017 private view to Evelyn's surprise and joy! 







Sylvia was commissioned by a family history researcher, of his mother in law Sylvia as a birthday surprise for his wife. I enjoyed creating her and could feel the spirit of this smiley lady as I made her. I used birth and death certificates for her skin, family photographs for the clothing and colour supplements in her hair.